About Us

Why choose Vanguard?

Multiperiod Re-Enactment (BCE-1700)

Vanguard Re-enactment Group is a true multi-period group.

We are not just another single-focus historical re-enactment group, and are proud to be one of the few truly multi-period groups in the world.

Whether your interests lie with the Ancient Greeks, the Norse Vikings, the Crusader Knights, or even among the Welsh Bowmen, you will find like-minded men and women who share your passions for the world of the past.

We believe that there is such a rich diversity in combat forms and lifestyles, that we do not limit ourselves to just one period or one region. As such, it is common to see a 15th-century banquet being prepared whilst an 8th-century Norse Viking and a 17th-century Scottish Highlander are engaged in fierce combat.

Family Friendly

Historical Re-enactment is not just for young men who are searching for a way to (safely) swing steel swords at their friends, make a lot of noise, and pretend to be fighting for the honour of their kin and country.

We have accumulated decades of authentic combat, swordsmanship and living history experience and are proud to be a gender- and age-inclusive club.

We are continually expanding our medieval hamlet, learning and experimenting with various forms of cooking and craftsmanship, as well as trying new types of weapons and armour.

Parents fight alongside (or against) their children, elders pass on weaving and other techniques to the young - we do not subscribe to the idea that boys do all the fighting and girls do all the cooking - our swordmaidens have been known to give our swordsmen a run for their money!

Combat Focused

This does not mean that we compromise on authenticity.

We take pride in the level of authenticity we display during our combat. 

Members tend to develop a keen interest in many facets of the re-enactment life, and we are proud to be able to provide a space for people to explore those interests safely and to the fullest extent of historical authenticity possible.

We allow our combatants a reasonable amount of lattitude in regards to footwear and gauntlets purely on the basis of safety - other than that - each outfit should confine itself to the period it is approximating and reflect the best you can manage.

Safe Lessons

Like any sport, injuries are minimised when the rules and proper safety procedures are followed.

Your introduction to combat is carefully managed to ensure you can safely handle a weapon, turn the blade and pull your blows before allowing you to enter into open combat.

We do wear armour and our weapons are blunt, however all rules and safety regulations must be observed, as there is a very real potential for serious and/or permanent injury.


WMA/HEMA stands for Western Martial Arts, or Historical European Martial Arts.

There are many documented styles and we encourage our members to learn and master those closest to their chosen period.

Building Weapons & Armour

In a modern world, we can easily and relatively cheaply purchase good quality reproductions of ancient and medieval weapons and armour.

However, there is something almost magical about going into battle with armour or a blade that you have made yourself.

That is why we have built a blacksmiths hut in our Halmet, with an authentic working forge for all members who are interested in learning the art for themselves.

We are now experimenting and working with historically accurate forms of longbow making, smithing and metal work.

We even have members who are tinkering with decorative copper moulding.


Minimum Requirements Include:

Arming Kit for combat - a helmet that matches your period outfit, and a pair of sturdy gauntlets.

It is recommended you wear comfortable shoes, and if you can get these in an authentic design, even better!

Dress Kit for attending gatherings - you will need a costume with a reasonable degree of historical accuracy.

Existing members of Vanguard are happy to help with finding supporting evidence for more periods and places, if you require assistance.

Alternative Public Entertainment

You might think that the combat is staged, but we are proud to announce that it isn't!

Aside from the occasional public demonstration, we never know the outcome of combat before it begins. 

Would you play a sport if you knew that you were going to win or lose before you stepped onto the field?

Watch video footage on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to see for yourself.

How to Join

Joining couldn't be easier - all you need to do is join up!

To find out where, please contact one of our members via the contact form.

You can visit us at training and check us out first hand as well. For directions to the Central Coast training site (Wyee) use the contact form or our Facebook pafe.

Alternatively, if you would like to start a Guild group near you, feel free to reach out and we can help you with the how!